In high school, in preparation for a photography course, my stepdad gave me my first camera (a beautiful Konica T3 SLR) and I fell in love instantly. I loved the challenge of trying to capture the beauty and emotion I saw around me and the thrill of sharing my discoveries with others. In the years that have followed, I have taken my passion with me on my travels throughout Canada (my birthplace), Europe, India, Nepal, Southeast Asia and most recently the Middle East. Having lived abroad for nearly 13 years, I have now returned back to British Columbia and I am currently based on the Sunshine Coast. Although I spend most of my days working as a Speech-Language Pathologist,  I continue to pursue my passion for photography in my spare time (when I'm not hanging out at home with my hubby and our many cats!). 

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Tel: 604-989-1161


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  • Sunshine Coast, B.C, Canada

  • Greater Vancouver, B.C., Canada

  • Anywhere you want to fly me!