Kelley and Davis' Adventurous Elopement at Homesite Creek, Sunshine Coast, BC

Homesite Creek embodies everything Pacific Northwest; the creek runs through a lush forest and is home to a campground and two hiking trails. Nestled in the moss-draped trees are hidden waterfalls and secret caves. Near Halfmoon Bay Harbor, Homesite Creek can deliver a breathtaking backdrop for any couple looking for an elopement ceremony or engagement shoot location.

Profiled here are Kelley and Davis, a couple who exemplify those PNW vibes wholeheartedly, and truly made the most of their elopement at Homesite Creek. The location a couple chooses for their ceremony says a lot about them. By looking at Kelley and Davis' photo gallery you can tell what is important to them - each other, their dogs, and the great outdoors!

Their Love Story

"We met a little over four years ago, our first date was having beers at a local pub and I think both of us knew right away that this was the person we were meant to be with - we both just felt that beautiful spark! We have basically been madly in love ever since and have spent the last four years traveling (we love a good, long road trip), hiking in the mountains near our home, or hanging out at home eating too many nachos and watching movies."

Planner: Coastal Weddings and Events (Melissa Tripp)

Officiant: Vicky Dobbyn

Baker: Sweet Athena

Photography by Kelly Schuster